Welcome to His Crib: The Nursery Reveal

24 Jul

So I will be the first to admit, while everyone was busy making Pinterest boards for their imaginary wedding, I was busy making a Pinterest board for my imaginary babys nursery. No Joke. I had been day dreaming about how I would decorate my future kids nursery for quite some time. I had girl and boy nursery pins galore! I absolutely love the brainstorming part of decorating and party planning, followed by the hunt for (and crafting!) all the things to bring it all together. It is so addicting.

So when I began searching for Pinsperation, I knew I did not want the typical pink or blue. That, coupled with the fact that every crib bedding pattern I came across was soooo dizzy and nauseating, I knew I was going to have to come up with my own color scheme and pull it together myself. Luckily, my mom is pretty savvy on her sewing machine and was more than excited to make some of the bedding pieces herself, which saved us a ton of money and headache!! Between my pinterest executions, my moms mad skillz, shower gifts, and a little upcycling of some furniture, here is the lovely outcome that I am quite proud of:


Photo Jul 15, 11 59 29 AM Photo Jul 15, 12 30 33 PMPhoto May 18, 6 09 00 PM Photo May 18, 6 08 19 PM Photo Jul 15, 12 31 41 PM Photo Jul 15, 12 30 45 PM


We had to throw in a splash of vintage car theme in there to represent Dad ūüôā Its still a work in progress, I will be adding things to the frames above the crib as I go. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making his nursery complete, down to his own library ūüôā


Showered With Love, Part 2

17 Jul

Back in early May, my favorite Sacramento girls out did themselves in throwing me the most ridiculously classy, lovely shower!! While my Fremont Shower represented the country girl in me, this shower represented the nostalgic book nerd in me. I love how both of my showers were a representation of me and the things I love! I cant say enough about the awesomeness of this shower, so Ill just show it off with photos ūüôā The company was amazing and the atmosphere was so relaxing and BEAUTIFUL, as it was held at Il Fornaio, downtown. Thank you girls SO MUCH, from the bottom of my heart, I know how much heart and love and time you put into all the details and I am so appreciative. I will never forget that day and the beauty of it all. And a HUGE thank you to the special women in my life who FLEW IN from out of state to come celebrate with me. Talk about feeling special. ¬†And PS…Thank You’s are in production, I swear! Aaahh!! ‚̧

DSC00938 DSC00941 DSC00933 DSC00926 DSC00920 DSC00916 DSC00911 DSC00943 DSC00922 DSC00909 IMG_8768DSC00966 DSC00976 DSC00978IMG_8785 DSC00955 DSC01075 DSC01073 DSC01072 DSC01069 DSC01067 DSC01063 DSC01059 IMG_8783IMG_8777 IMG_8776 IMG_8775 IMG_8774 IMG_8794 IMG_8793 IMG_8801 IMG_8771 IMG_8805 IMG_8802 DSC00947 IMG_8811


Showered With Love, Part 1

30 May

On April 5th, Everett and I received our first shower in the Bay Area so I could celebrate his upcoming arrival with all of my family and friends who live out that way. This shower was given to me by my beautiful cousins Angie and Sarah, with extra help from one of my best friends, Renee, as well as my Mom, Aunt Nancy, Jen and Aunt Carol (and maybe more, Im not sure of the deets!). Thank you SO MUCH to all of you for coming together to throw such a wonderful, adorable party! I know how much work goes into putting together such a lovely event as that one and I appreciated it immensely and had an amazing time!! Here are some wonderful photos of that day!

IMG_8644  IMG_8637  IMG_8643  IMG_8638IMG_8672  IMG_8700  IMG_8703    10155776_568397386361_1674763805803450873_n 10177986_568397556021_8922146638187642898_n 10252149_568397825481_3859662707571299896_n 10253996_568397855421_1487929863753149811_n 10270735_568397471191_7012100354104627357_n 10300438_568398074981_3375143697531760988_n 10152543_568397980171_772288760995500791_n


One thing we learned that day, Rett will DEFINITELY have his pick of the litter!!


IMG_8651 IMG_8665 IMG_8688 IMG_8694

20 Things Ive Learned in 20 Weeks & The Big NAME REVEAL!

26 Jan

What?! That cant be right…Im halfway through my pregnancy already?! 20 down, 20 to go. Everyone¬†tells me¬†the first half flies by while the second half drags. The first half definitely flew by for me, I swear I just peed on¬†the stick yesterday. And wasn’t Christmas like last week?! A couple of weeks ago, I finally went through my closet and drawers and packed up all of my normal clothes and stowed them away, replacing them with all of my new¬†maternity clothes.¬† And I didn’t event care! No feelings of sadness, no separation anxiety, nothing.¬†¬†This belly is in full swing with a whole new wardrobe to rock!

About once a month¬†Ive¬†been taking¬†the trendy, seen all over Pinterest¬†chalkboard progression pics¬†so I can look back at them and be reminded of what I craved, ate, etc during each month. Not to mention how fun it is to look back through them and watch my belly grow! I was so good at taking weekly pics from my POV, looking down on my belly….until 15 weeks. And then I fell off that bandwagon. Womp. Ill try to jump back on that, they were coming out pretty cute! You can see the ones I did thus far under the photos tab. Anyhoo, here are my progress pics so far, followed by the things Ive learned.

photo 7

photo 6

photo 5

(Holy BELLY! Where did that come from?! I missed week 16, oops! And this was more like 19-20 weeks. Oh well.)

photo 4

(really, more like 21 weeks. I took this on Friday. Whatevs.)


20 Things Ive Learned in 20 Weeks:

1. I am one of those obnoxious woman who loves being pregnant. Not in a “its so magical and spiritual” kind of way, but in a “I love my growing belly, feel great, have energy, no crazy emotional hormones” kind of way.

2. Hand me down maternity clothes from my super trendy friends are the BESTEST!!!

3. I had gained a whopping 5 pounds at my 18 week appt.

4. People don’t ask you questions about your pregnancy because they want to hear your answers, they really just want to tell you theirs. You can actually see them actively NOT listening to what youre saying, but more waiting for you to finish what youre saying so they can tell you whatever it is they wanted to tell you in the first place. Its quite obnoxious and im sure I will be guilty of it one day!

5. Every burp and fart is a BLESSING! And welcomed!! Get out of my tummy, gas! Ive had a few random days where I was doubled over in pain and would have given ANYTHING to let out one good rip and be done with it! I kid you not. Sexy, right?

6. My boobs are tha bomb.com. Incase you were wondering.

7. We’re having a BOY! And have chosen the colors of the nursery, which is underway! Gray, tangerine, aqua and lime. AQUA. Not blue. No blue, blue, please. If we had a girl, there would have been no pink in the nursery either. Coral, Mint and Gray.

8. I may or may not have gone overboard on the cute maternity clothes. BUT, Im a bargain shopper and get them on the cheap! Bring on the Zulily, Ross, Old Navy & Consignment stores! Not to mention, I got spoiled with a ton of cute stuff¬†on Christmas, which rounded out my much needed work wardrobe. But on the¬†casual side,¬†¬†you really only need 2 pairs of good fitting, go-to maternity jeans. And LEGGINGS. Lots of leggings. I pretty much wear them all week long. And super comfy PJ pants!¬†Top all that off with the aforementioned hand me downs, and I think Im good til June ūüėČ

9. My burpees have gotten harder, not because ‘im pregnant’, but because I have to actually do the push up every time instead of just getting to go straight down to the ground. But Ill still keep up with you!

10. Baby wants CARBS. We’ve been making our usual meat and veggies for dinner. Ill plow through the veggies, take a couple bites of meat and go make toast or a bowl of cereal. Its never enough! Thank God I can still work out!

11. We have confirmed that our budget will allow me to work 2 days a week, if all goes well with the work plan! I mentioned to my Boss about hiring someone to cover me while on maternity leave and then keeping them on part time (it would save the company money because they wouldn’t have to pay our benefits!) and she seemed open to the idea. FINGERS CROSSED! I really enjoy my job and don’t want to walk away completely.

12. Baby already requires naps these days. I can go go go, but sometimes need a mid day siesta to be able to finish the day off. I crash. Ive never crashed before! I rally, all day and night. Come on, baby, keep up!

13.¬† Ive learned that my belly rings will have to come out for a different reason than I always imagined they would. Not because, they are getting ‘pushed’ or forced out from my growing belly, but because you can see them poking out, through my shirt! Not cute. Bye bye, for now,¬†belly rings. Sad day.

14. Babylist is the best thing every invented. You can add stuff from ANY website onto your one online registry. That, plus an in store Target registry and boom. No extra trips to the uber overwhelming baby stores for ANYONE!

15. All of the weekly pregnancy email updates are the same. They all say the same thing, literally. Like word for word. Youll end up just finding one or 2 you like and delete all the rest. The only ones I end up reading are the Pregnant Chicken and the Fit Pregnancy ones.

16. The friends I have who have¬†JUST gone through the whole pregnancy thing and had a baby, like in the last year, are the most valuable sources ever. They are gems. You may have 10 kids and be the¬†most experienced¬†mom ever, but there are really handy things available now that¬†didn’t exist¬†even just 5 years ago! Even my friend, who just had her second baby, 5 years after her first (HI JAMIE!), mentions things shes finding now¬†that they didn’t have when she had her first. I am so blessed to have these amazing new mommies in my life to show me all the cool things and gadgets and ways¬†to make life as a new mom easier and more efficient.

17. Expectant mom parking is the BEST THING EVER! Especially at Christmas time.

18. Headaches, stuffy/runny nose and super vivid, weird dreams are the norm. But if those are the worst things I have to endure until labor, I got this.

19. Local Facebook groups are so handy and convenient! I belong to a Sacramento Exchange &¬†Sacramento Childrens Yard Sale one and scored a brand new Bumbo with the tray for $15 on Thursday and picked it up on the way home from work! There have been a ton of stuff posted that I can see us needing in the future. If there is one for your area, JOIN! It costs nothing and you never know what you might score. Have I mentioned what a bargain shopper I am? ūüôā

20. Chad and I are on 2 totally different planets when it comes to names! He likes the common, dime a dozen, “strong” names, as he¬†calls them.¬†I like the unique, but not too ‘out there’ names. But those still¬†end up being WAY out there for my traditional, old fashioned Husband. He also didn’t want some random name, he wanted a name that kind of meant something to us/had a story behind it.¬†But I don’t want our kid to be one of 10 others in his class with the same name, either! So….we found ONE name. One, that we both agreed on. And lucky for us, it was a boy name! Our little man will be called….

Everett (Rett) Morris Cowman!

And the name even ended up coming with the story/meaning that he wanted!

So heres the story… I have had a couple friends and acquaintances¬†with¬†Everett as their last name, but last year, one FB¬†friend had a little boy and gave him¬†Everett as his FIRST name. And omg it was the cutest first¬†name Ive ever heard! And, wouldn’t you know it, Chad really liked it too! So a while back, Chads mom was asking us if we had any names in mind and when I told her Everett was at the top of our list, she looked at me like she had seen a ghost! She couldn’t believe it! I asked her why she was so flabbergasted and she says to me “Well, you know how Chad got his name right?” And I said “Yeah, from an old tv show, right?” and she says “Yes, the character we named him after was named…Chad Everett!!” WHAT?! Mind Blown. She even¬†wanted make Chads middle name Everett,¬†but was vetoed. So, it was meant to be! She was so excited. As was Grandma.¬†(side note: our FB friend who named her little boy Everett had the SAME¬†STORY with her mother-in-law, because her Hubby is Chad too!!¬†her and I got¬†quite¬†a kick out of that!)

There it is, on the interwebs and official! Our friends (and I!) have already started referring to the baby as¬†little¬†Rett.¬†There was even a¬†special Xmas gift under the tree¬†from Great Grandma (amidst all the other Christmas gifts he got! he is SPOILED already!) that was made out to Rett on the to/from tag ūüôā (which, we learned, will¬†be a little confusing next year when there are¬†gifts under the tree for both (Uncle) Brett & Rett!) ¬†Its pretty cool, it makes¬†the little monster in my tummy just a little more real.

If you have anything that you’ve learned while being preggo, or if you are a new-ish mommy and have any tips, tricks, cool products you’ve found and couldn’t live without, PLEASE SHARE in the comments! I want to hear them all! And I will share all the cool products I find here on the blog once baby comes.

SURPRISE!! Sharing The Baby News With The Parents!

19 Jan

Now that the Holidays are behind us, I get to catch up on all the things Ive been wanting to share! I have so many fun stories, from Bumpdates to finding out the gender to doctor visits and plans for the nursery and post baby plans! But FIRST, I want to rewind and share the story of how we surprised our parents with the big news!

I always knew that when the time came, I didnt want to just tell our parents in conversation. I wanted to put time and thought into it and come up with a fun way to surprise them. We only get to experience all these firsts once, so why not take the time and make it special? Chad’s an only child and grandchild, so obviously his parents have been waiting waiting waiting for the news for what feels like an eternity to them, I’m sure. ¬†And my mom and Godmother have been waiting impatiently for their baby to have a baby since the day we got married, as well. ¬†So we needed to put our thinking caps on!

About 2 weeks after we found out, my Mom was scheduled to come into town and spend the weekend with us for one of my close friends baby shower. I knew that would be the perfect opportunity to surprise her! At that point, I was about 6 weeks along, hadnt seen a doctor yet and it was still way too soon to tell anyone else. But I knew I wanted to tell Mom in person and wouldnt be able to hold it in until the NEXT time we saw her. So this was our opportunity. I Pinterested and racked my brain, trying to come up with a fun way to tell her.¬† Then, my friend Heather found the perfect idea using PUMPKINS! The day she came over was October 12th, amidst the Pumpkin/Harvest season and this is what she would see when she came to the door…


So cute, right?!! By the time she got into town, it was dark, so we had modify and light candles so she could see it. We also planned for Jamie to come with us to pick her up from the train station so she could get her reaction on video ūüôā Everything worked out perfectly and to say she was surprised is an understatement! Grab some tissue, heres the video! Youll have to turn up the volume if you want to hear the verbal exchange.

What a fun night! Lots of tears and laughs and shopping and nursery plans made (following a phone call and sharing of the video to my Godmother, Aunt Kris, of course!) ūüôā

With Chads parents, it worked out perfectly because we had a plan to go visit them to celebrate his Moms birthday in late October/early November. I had found a cute sign on Etsy that I thought would be a perfect way to tell them and, with her birthday celebrations, we were able to disguise it as a birthday present!! They knew we were going to start trying for a baby soon, but didnt expect an announcement until Christmas, so this was a fun, unexpected surprise for them!

Here’s the sign I purchased on Etsy from the Krazy Daizy shop! We had just had our first baby appt the week before so we got to include baby’s first picture, WITH the due date of Dads bday printed at the bottom! (Side note: The seller was FANTASTIC and zippy and worked with my last minute request, including shipping the sign overnight without charging me extra! I highly recommend her!)

Great Parents Get Promoted

And, while we didnt get her reaction on video, Chad got some good pics of her reaction ūüôā


For the rest of the day, she would break out into her happy dance at random moments, it was pretty entertaining!

So there you have it! Needless to say, we were successful in the execution of both surprises and had ourselves some happy parents that day!!

Next up, Ill do a halfway point Bumpdate catch up post and share what Ive learned and experienced so far! Thanks for reading! ‚̧

We Got Our Ducks In A Row, And The Pieces Fell Nicely Into Place!

29 Nov

Well, here we are!¬† The end of the year, the period of time we have been referring to as “baby time” for a while.¬†¬† We have spent the last year or so collecting the puzzle pieces so we can put them together and be ready for that time. From the very beginning of our relationship, Chad and I always agreed that we would use every precaution to not have a baby until we were ready. What is ‘ready’ to us, you ask? These were absolute musts that needed to happen first:

1. We are not living paycheck to paycheck.  We do not want to struggle, period, let alone try to bring a baby into the world and stress about how we were going to feed it.  We needed to figure out a budget and learn to stick to it, while putting money INTO savings, not taking it out.

2. Adjust our lives so that I can be at least a part time stay at home mom. While still maintaining #1.  After we sold our condo, we chose a cute house with rent we could cover on just Chads income.  Along with other financial adjustments.

3. Find a cleaning routine. When it comes to cleaning, we both have our strengths. Im the straighten up, declutter, keep the house presentable type. Chad’s the detailed, clean the shower and toilet and all the things people dont necessarily notice right off hand, but is a necessity.¬† We make a good team , and work best when we are working together. So when one of us is not around, the heavy duty cleaning day doesnt get done. This is still a work in progress, but we have learned more about ourselves in the process. The first thing we tried was to clean on Sundays, before we go out to play. This worked great until Chad had to work pretty much every weekend. And because I am how I am, I would straighten up and then go play.¬† When we have one free day together out of the whole week, we choose to spend it having fun, we dont want to spend our one day cleaning. So, again, this is a work in progress. We have tossed around the idea of getting a house cleaner once a month, to catch up on the cleaning we dont get done. When Chad suggested that, I was sad. Am I failing as a wife because I dont keep up on the house when he is away? He says no, you choose to have fun, to enjoy life, thats one of the reasons why I married you, because you know how to have fun.¬† And I dont want you to change. Ill take it!

4. Pay off the cars! This part of the plan we had to adjust a bit. While we did pay off the cars, one of the cars was a 2 seater. Which doesnt work when there will be 3 of us. So, alas, we had to trade in the Miata for a family car, which brought back a car payment ūüė¶ BUT, it is still less than half of what we were paying before, for both of our cars. So we still come up on top!

5. The most important piece of the puzzle….Chad getting transferred to Sacramento! This was huge. We werent going to wait forever, but this needed to happen for us to really be ready. His transfer would save us around $500-$600 a month in gas and toll, and would obviously bring Chad close to home and away from the crazy commute that he has been enduring for the past 7 years.

SO, between #4 and #5, we come up about $930 a month on top! Not counting what we are saving with what we pay in rent vs what we paid in mortgage before. So you see why we wanted to be patient?

While we have done a fantastic job getting all of our ducks in a row in the last year and a half, the final piece of the puzzle came in the form of a phone call on September 10th. Chad was offered a position in Sacramento! SOUND THE ALARMS! After 7 YEARS! This is it! Granted, its a short hour, non benefited position, but with his seniority, HR is confident he will be able to slide right into a full time, benefited position in no time. Fingers crossed! We’ll take it!

So here’s where the slight flaw in our plan comes in. I did not, did not, did not want a June baby. We have WAY too many in BOTH of our families and i did not want to add to the pile! So, I wanted to start trying in October. Well, Chad pulled the trigger, so to speak, and couldnt wait. He was ready to start practicing N.O.W! So, the practicing began, in celebration of the aforementioned phone call….and wouldnt ya know, here we are, 3 weeks later, and apparently Im Fertile Mertile!!


So there ya have it! I am perfectly aware that not every plan is perfect, nor did I expect ours to be. We did everything WE needed to do prepare our lives for babyville and then put it in natures hands, fully aware of the possibilities! Sure, i wouldve like to wait a couple more weeks, but the time was obviously right and it was meant to be. We are so excited, and Chad is already yelling at Chia every time she jumps on my tummy.¬† I have an over the phone appt with the baby nurse on Thursday at which time we will make our first doctors appointment. Which, by the way, will conveniently be located at Chads new Kaiser location ūüôā See that, full circle. You, of course, wont be reading this until after we tell our family on Thanksgiving, but we are looking forward to keeping everyone up to date on here, so check back, stop by and say hi and follow along with us on our new adventure!